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Softcell System provides an array of network and security related services. Our network and security consultants and experts have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and implementing network and security solutions in various organizations in Bangladesh.

Designing and deploying a robust and secured network in a high volume environment requires good expertise and experience. Network assets are to be audited with maximum care. Our years of experience in this field in combination with domain knowledge and skills helps organizations simplify the deployment of complex networks, implement end-to-end security and maintain existing networks for optimized performance.

Network Design and Deployment:

Our Network Planning Team gives customers a complete understanding of the performance and reliability of their networks. We ensure that your networks deliver profit for you, by offering services that range from planning and designing a network to its evaluation and health assessment. We understand that networks that are carefully designed and planned reduce capital expenditures and deliver the best return on your investments.

We provide detailed network specifications, network coverage maps, and special installation requirements together with a complete budgetary plan with each network design. We provide the following services for you.

1.Planning and setting up LAN, WLAN and other network infrastructure.
2.Network router and switches configurations and external connectivity.
3.Point to point and point to multipoint VPN installation and maintenance
4.Application, web and mail server configuration.
5.Linux based traffic monitoring, bandwidth shaping/management etc.
Network Security Design and Auditing:

Softcell network security team can help you securing your valuable network by auditing valuable network resources, providing a comprehensive plan for security and deploy security solutions in important points of your network. We provide managed network security services along with security consulting services. Our network security experts are always ready to help you.