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Softcell System was set up at the end of 2008 as an ICT company, incorporated in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Its charter is to facilitate enhanced competitiveness among software and knowledge intensive organizations. It is a leading software development, web design, outsourcing and ICT consulting company. We, with especial focus on quality services, have built a strong portfolio of satisfied clients from a diverse range of industries and institutions across the world. Our team is dedicated to maximizing value to our clients. We are proud of total customer satisfaction records.

Running Project

➨ Mobile Apps for Bangladesh Agriculture Research Center (BARC)
➨ ERP System for Kuwait Joint Relief Committee
➨ Accounting Software for Chittagong Dairy Food Industry
➨ Web Application for Apollo Shipping Logistics

Our valued client

➨ Bangladesh Agriculture Research Center (BARC)

➨ Kuwait Joint Relief Committee

➨ Mozammel & Associates

➨ La Ropa Shop

➨ Takadresses Limited

➨ UTech Level Limited

➨ Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA)

➨ Promit Consociates

➨ La Ropa Sourcing

➨ SAARC Agriculture

➨ RnG Group

➨ Kowshik Shop


➨ Promit Consociates

➨ Diganta Parcel and Courier Service Ltd.

➨ M and H Fashion

➨ Amanah Foundation

➨ Risalat Multipurpose Co-operative

➨ M and H Fashion

➨ Uttara Lalitokola Academy

➨ Ora Fashion House

➨ Nitto Notun

➨ Ezzetouch

E-commerce Solution

E-commerce site have many challenges when it comes to turning visitors into customers.One element that is often overlooked is the product page.These pages are what will really drive visitors to make the purchase. More

Ready Product

⇨ ERP Solution
⇨ Accounting Software
⇨ Payroll Software
⇨ Asset Management Software
⇨ HRM Software
⇨ Micro Finance and Investment
⇨ E-commerce & Dynamic Website

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