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We are

Softcell System was set up at the end of 2008 as an ICT company, incorporated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its charter is to facilitate enhanced competitiveness among software and knowledge intensive organizations. It is a leading software development, web design, outsourcing and ICT consulting company. We, with especial focus on quality services, have built a strong portfolio of satisfied clients from a diverse range of industries and institutions across the world. Our team is dedicated to maximizing value to our clients. We are proud of total customer satisfaction records.

Our mission

"To achieve our objectives by creating vibrant partnerships with our clients, and ensure total customer satisfaction by providing quality services."

We do

Softcell System works with organizations to help achieve their objectives through our unique services in the areas, such as:
➣ Software Process & Development
➣ Mobile Application Development
➣ Web Design & Development
➣ Network Design & Installation
➣ System Engineering
➣ Knowledge Management
➣ Risk Management
➣ Human Capital Management
➣ Quality Management


Softcell System offers consulting services in research, training and facilitation in the areas of software process, and improvements. Its holistic approach to process development consultation is based on integrating people, process, and technology that are critical to the performances of an organization.

Human endowments 

Our major strategy, as a matter of policy, is the best qualified professionals hired from Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Applied Physics, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting and Economics graduates from leading national and international universities. Our human resources are BS-CSE, BS-ETE, MCP, MCSE, MCDBA, MCPBA+I, MBA, PhD, OCP, Cisco certified and Sun-Java Certified.


We are committed to transparency, and free flow of information, regardless of rank and power, so everyone has access to the most complete data resulting in superior decision makings at all levels. We strive for hones and transparent communication with our customers and our people.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard with honoring our commitments. We take personal responsibility for our actions, and treat everyone justly, with trust and respect.